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Theatremonkey’s Book is a Perfect Gift

February 9, 2010

Dropping into Clinton Cards yesterday for a birthday card, I was surprised to find it contained more hearts than a transplant clinic’s stock room; with a worrying number labelled ‘contaminated’ – there were “VD” stickers everywhere. Apparently, according to a sniggering assistant, there is a traditional gift-giving event taking place this weekend, and the cardiac / GUM Unit theme is popular with those celebrating it this year.

This all seems a bit gory to me, but I guess that is the glory of our multi-cultural society with every faith entitled to openly display its symbolism. All to the good, say I.

Anyhow, for this reason, I (along with Mr P) strongly suggest the exchange of “Theatremonkey: A Guide to London’s West End” between all members of your social and family circles. There’s still time for Amazon to deliver, and Dress Circle, Waterstones and Foyles have plenty available in their shops too for instant takeaway.

One other piece of advice, since I’ve had the time to think it all over. On the day after, it probably is sensible not to send anybody an email headed “Enjoy VD?” Aside from getting trapped in a spam filter, I think it may confuse the recipient among their other junk mail.

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