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Reader’s Digest on Theatremonkey Book

February 4, 2010

As one regular reader of this blog will remind the other, back in September 2009 I did an interview for “Reader’s Digest” Magazine, about both the book and the website it was based on. The article appeared in their December 2009 edition, and today I’m delighted to say they have very kindly given permission for me to share it online.* It can be viewed by clicking here (and no doubt Mr P will tidy it up and provide an even easier link in due course). There is a witty cartoon to accompany it… but obtaining permission to use it is proving trickier. Either watch this space, or visit your dentist more often.

In other technological advances, I’ve begun playing with “Photoshop Elements 7,” and the first fruits of my attempts at an “animated” banner to publicise the book are online. The problems of balancing the space available at the top of the page with something which might catch the eye have proved interesting; and I’m beginning to understand why those in advertising charge what they do.

* Many, many thanks to The Reader’s Digest Association Ltd (particularly Haze) for granting us kind permission to reproduce the article online.

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