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Theatremonkey book “Price Checked” at Waterstone’s

February 2, 2010

I assume there is an apostrophe in the name?

Not sure what it means, but the page now sports a snazzy red sticker that says they’ve compared the price with other sources; and are confident that is the price they wish to be selling it at… or whatever… didn’t read the pop-up that closely…

Maybe they’ve had as little time as I have. For some reason, this January has been the maddest in ages in the theatre world. Two very long weeks down, two more to go – and that is without the new Andrew Lloyd Webber offering, “Love Never Dies” kicking off at the end of the month.

I say new, but, like many others who like musicals and watched the “South Bank Show Awards” at the weekend, I’m now slightly worried. It seems that the beautiful “Our Kind of Love” from his 2000 show “The Beautiful Game” will reappear as the title number in the show. OK, it was originally “The Heart Is Slow To Learn” and intended for the show anyway – before making it into another score – but still… you do worry that his expensive piano broke down while composing, and in his panic he accidentally started composing on his photocopier.

Luckily, I’ve heard two other numbers from the show, and the waltz he has written is outstanding. So, will we all forgive and overlook? Watch this space next month…

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