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Only the Theatremonkey Book Spreads

January 26, 2010

Not the monkey himself, as I shifted those three pounds gained due to festive indulgence. Actually, I now feel very guilty about dieting as it was probably one of the reasons Cadbury’s share price fell enough for it to be taken over. People of Bourneville, I apologise.

Happier news, as both book and site appear to be reaching the parts other publications don’t like to think about. Over the weekend enquiries and feedback (positive – phew!) drifted in from places as far apart as Austria, Scotland and the USA. Not bad going.

Also good news is that the book is still selling well at Dress Circle, Monmouth Street, London. They asked me in yesterday to sign a fresh batch of copies, and say that over Christmas it was very popular indeed. Their faith in it is so great that it remains available right on the main shop counter, just to the right as you walk in, complete with one upright in a neat display holder on top of the stack. Mr P’s theory about making the book “pocket-sized” holds good for making it “impulse counter spot friendly” too. Further copies are also available downstairs in their main book department. Thanks all at DC for your support.

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