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On seeing your book on a shelf in a store

January 19, 2010

Yesterday, prior to spending the pinkest evening ever (no, nothing to do with Mr P and his leather trousers, I’m talking the daffily enjoyable “Legally Blonde” at the Savoy Theatre), I dropped by Waterstones on Trafalgar Square. There, on the first floor (second to American readers), right by the spiral staircase, “Local Interest” section fourth shelf down, in a “facing” position (where the front, not just the spine of the book can be seen)… three copies!!! And even better, the front one had been well-thumbed so it was obviously being browsed (or the store detectives had been particularly vigilant).

Two copies more available in Foyles, now three on Trafalgar Square. The sensation of somehow being part of London was stronger than I thought possible… and rather odd to be connected to two famous landmarks too. Combined with several nice compliments at the theatre and from readers and associates who bought the book and say they love it, not bad at all, not bad at all.

Final thing, different subject totally. Tomorrow, 20th January 2010, a group of young professionals in the creative industry will come together to “Help Haiti” at the Proud Camden venue. An evening of live music, spoken word and DJs featuring performances by Micachu, Chapter 24, Fiction, Polarbear and many more is promised, with a suggested small donation of £3 per person at the door. More details here.  If you are free and want to do something to help, this could be it.

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