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Programmes, Foyles and Feedback

January 7, 2010

2010. Another year, another 3 pounds to burn off. You’d think the effort of opening the tin, unwrapping the ‘Quality Street’ and then separating the foil from plastic for re-cycling reasons would equal the energy content of consuming the sweet itself – but sadly not. Marketing thought – why not wrap them so that it does?

With the lousy Christmas Day television schedule happily a memory, back to the theatremonkey office and some good news to kick off the year. During the break, one reader left a great review on, while three others have been kind enough to email the website directly. All commented on how much they enjoyed the book, as did those to whom they gave copies as gifts. Thanks, people! Really appreciated – particularly the comments from one theatre industry veteran who rated it “the clearest, most comprehensive and accurate guide I’d ever read.”

That’s quite a relief, as during January and February, both Really Useful Group (Andrew Lloyd Webber’s theatres) and Nimax (Nica Burns, joint owner and head of the Society of London Theatres) theatre programmes will be carrying a review of it – right next to the one on Subo’s debut CD. Now there’s a contrast.

The other good news is that the book is now available in Foyles on Charing Cross Road. Three copies in when I checked online yesterday, so ski down there at will.

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