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Have Yourselves a very Theatremonkey Holiday Season.

December 18, 2009

With the time fast approaching to dissect turkey, consume endless candles by doughnut light or stick your head under a pillow for two weeks (according to your particular beliefs for the season), it’s time for the annual Christmas Card Review.

As ever, they fall into two categories – the Sacred and the Insane. The Sacred are, as ever, a tasteful reminder that for a large part of the population this is a time of personal reflection and celebration of something more meaningful than retail sales figures.

The Insane are as thought-provoking, in a different way. Is it the world’s greatest idea to send a photo-montage of your team to your customers? And why exactly is a bank in Turkey sending out a card with a snowy Trafalgar Square on the front? They are excused because the cards are donating heavily to Cancer Research, but what’s the scenery connection? It’s nice to be remembered, though, and obviously somebody was alert as all were signed in crayon rather than risking anything sharper.

With the book (yes, thought I’d better mention in case Mr P is reading) still in bookshops and hopefully turning up inside gaudy giftwrap under a tree near you late next week as a last moment impulse purchase, it’s time to wind up my blog entries for 2009. Thanks to everybody reading it, and wish all a peaceful holiday season and all the very best for 2010.

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