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National Theatre Bookshop stocks Theatremonkey book

December 7, 2009

According to the report of a friend who was there last week. This answers one of the first questions I’ve been asked every time I tell anyone about the book – “will theatres be stocking it?” Answer: no, probably not… until now. Good ol’ National Theatre. Always said Nick Hytner was the best boss it’s ever had.

While on stock matters, I’ve been asked to drop into Dress Circle again during this week or early next to sign a further few copies that they will be getting into stock. Those will be the last before we all descend into the sprout boiling season, so feel free to order at will.

Oh, and 11 branches of Waterstones are now stocking copies… three have sold the ones they had and are hopefully getting more. Not that I’m obsessing over sales, of course…

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