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Theatremonkey Book in the Sunday Times and Fringe Report

November 30, 2009

It’s always been one of my more outlandish ambitions to get a mention in the Sunday Times “Culture” section. Thanks to its high circulation, there was no chance of buying an advertisement without having to sell something valuable so, as I do feel I need all eight pints of the red stuff , it was a case of hoping…

And yesterday, Mr P’s persistence helped to crack it. We’re given a very nice mention in Richard Brook’s “Biteback” column, here.

Just in case of confusion, the final paragraph (with an interesting suggestion for critics) should have read “a writer” rather than “THE writer.” The pictures he was thinking of were “Photo-shopped” internet fakes, and whatever the booking records show, I did NOT attend “The Rocky Horror Show” that night in 1993, and did NOT either own or borrow the attire. OK, got that cleared up. Phew. Oh, and how Eddie Izzard manages it, I’ll never know.

 And moving swiftly on; a lovely mention too from my good friends at “Fringe Report” in their newsletter today. Want to know what’s on, and more importantly, what is worth catching on the London Fringe scene? Their website is the place to be. Thanks, all.

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