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Theatremonkey book notes at your dentist's soon…

November 26, 2009

That Readers’ Digest magazine interview I did back in September (remember, leaves on trees, X-Factor finalists still hopeful?) made it to the magazine right on schedule as part of Linda Gray’s article, “1001 Things Everyone Should Know.”

The whole of her “How to find the best seats in the house” section – two thirds of a page (plus nifty cartoon!) is extracted from “Theatremonkey (Red Squirrel, £9.99), …an at-a-glance guide to the best place to sit.” 

Picking up nicely on my usual advice including “book the centre of row eight” or “have a look at restricted view seats that are further forward,” she even mentions my personal favourite seat (and probably the one which set me on the road to discovering more of them) – dress circle H23 at Her Majesty’s, confirming that (as the book says) “you don’t have to pay an eye-watering £70-plus to enjoy the play.”

It’s strange to think that the article will now be haunting dentists’ waiting rooms for years to come… Mr P’s long-term sales will probably be assured until at least 2109 – satisfying his desire for a “long tail”* without actual cosmetic surgery.

Even better, I didn’t even have to scratch a single panel, stick the “yes” stamp in the “no box” or respond within 14 days to be in with a chance of getting through to round 2…


*Publisher’s term, meaning the book will sell in small but steady quantities for many years. If it doesn’t, and he still fancies a long tail, wouldn’t it be ironic if the magazine turns up in the cosmetic surgeon’s ( or psychiatric clinic’s) waiting room?

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