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Theatremonkey Book Availability improves

November 24, 2009

Which is good news. Mr P’s elves have worked overtime to get a few more copies out there, and most retailers and online sellers are finding packages on their doorsteps (sorry about that, the new economy reindeer food disagrees with them). The other good news is that weekly online Arts Journal picked up the Guardian’s blog story, and “The Week” magazine hope to run something about, picking up on the Evening Standard article’s theme.

Yesterday I also made sure that Dress Circle’s supply was signed – and they tell me it’s proving popular with their customers… phew! Not the easiest journey with a nicotine addicted teen hassling anybody and everybody to buy him a pack of 20 on the way to the station, then a Met Line train throwing an artistic strop. Still, made it to Charing Cross then caught a water taxi (cheaper than a gondola) up St Martin’s Lane. Note to Boris: I voted for you (hate Tories, but hate New Labour more and wanted Ken out), so fix the drains. It’s quite possible to operate a deep water port from the puddle at the intersection of St Martin’s Lane and Long Acre – and someone will if you don’t do something, and soon.

Finally, an apology. Mr P wants it known that he is not, in fact, freshly “out of PRINT” as we thought, but was in fact on his annual winter break. This was taken as usual in his favourite hotel which has an excellent reputation for late holidays. Indeed, one report on trip advisor specifically states that winter is the best season, saying it’d be a cold day before they stayed there again. Better still, the hotelier’s bank thinks it so good that they are apparently ringing the owner every day to try and get the keys to take it over…

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