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The Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard.

November 20, 2009

Mr P prefers it that blog headings contain words that a Google search will find, but since he is away*, I’ve been waiting to use this one for ages. Those printed press reports have been amazing for sales, backing up great online feedback – a wonderful review on ** and another on Broadway World.  There’s also something cheekier from the Whingers, too.

The result is that there are very few copies left anywhere. A few online sources have them, and four Waterstone’s branches in London have a handful between them. – and that’s it for now. At the waiting time is several weeks, but Mr P has switched his elves from making Electronic Hamsters to scribbling, so we should solve that one eventually.

Dress Circle  has a small number too, and I’ve been asked to sign some of their remaining copies. That is on my list for next week, and for those who feel like it, they are still taking orders.

It’s funny that before publication, the most I’d written by hand in the past few years were a few notes to the milkman. What’s really interesting is that I don’t actually like milk (unless incorporated into bars by Cadbury) and don’t have a milkman. I’m a firm believer in British tradition, though, and putting a note in a bottle on your doorstep each morning is one I feel shouldn’t die out. From experience, I’d advise using a glass bottle if possible (Coca Cola, if you don’t have a traditional milk bottle – but definitely not a wine bottle unless you want neighbours talking) as an empty Tetrapak milk carton looks silly and blows away easily. Oh, and remember to remove it by noon or someone will realise it is ‘symbolic’ only.


* He’s checked himself into the “Publishers’ Rest InsTitute” – “PRINT” for short. **Bet you didn’t know that when a book is listed as “Out Of Print” (as say, oddly) it is actually a coded message to the publishing community that the publisher has emerged from a spell in a happier place. Me neither, until I made it up just now.

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