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Theatremonkey book reactions

November 17, 2009

To avoid bias, we’ll leave out those to whom the book is dedicated on the verso (apparently the correct name for the page facing the main front page, which has the copyright bit, just in case it ever comes up on University Challenge).

It’s the amazing reaction of everybody else that has left me (and indeed Mr P, to an extent) pretty much stunned. In fact, Mr P sent me an email only yesterday picking out quotes from a Guardian Newspaper journalist’s blog page. He considers there to be at least three “awesome quotes” in there – and certainly I’ve not seen him that happy since, well, ever, really, come to think of it.

The reaction from those to whom I delivered copies has also been an experience. Hardened industry veterans all, “Hope you sell bucketloads for years to come” was the general response, with helpful comments like, “can’t think why you rated one seat that way” and “oh, we’re adding a row next year” demonstrating  just how much theatrical folk have taken it to their hearts. Indeed, I’ve already had several invites to meet / tour new facilities etc, so that is the 2010 diary filling nicely.

Most amusing of all, fellow writer and friend Tanya supplied the best user instructions, with her blog  ‘ “I’ve long been in the habit of buying pocket A-Z maps of London for overseas guests, with my mobile number and a pre-pay oyster card taped to the front cover.

Now I will be throwing a Theatremonkey into their bags with it, along with admonition to “get lost, have fun and come home in one piece!” ‘

If you haven’t yet, the book is still available at Dress Circle, and we’re even in their Winter catalogue. were showing a 5 to 9 day wait, but other book sites are available…

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