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Theatremonkey makes the Evening Standard

November 12, 2009

Louise Jury has written a brilliant article about the new book in today’s Evening Standard. VERY chuffed to read that (at least today for an hour before noon) we are number 1 in’s “Stagecraft” category, 2 in “Travel Books / Greater London” and 3,013 overall!!! Out of all the millions of books they sell, we are number 3,013!!!!! Wow!!!

It really is all “go” – and yesterday was pretty exhausting. Walked about 5 miles through London dropping copies off to many of those “in the business” who have helped make the site and book possible. The “thank-you” messages were overwhelming – so thank you all again.

For those who ordered signed copies with Dress Circle, I broke my journey there  ( they kindly allowed me to collapse into their basement office chair) and have now signed them. You should all receive copies over the next few days as they were sent out as I was leaving. Just in case anyone would still like a signed one, they asked me to sign about two dozen more for sale in the shop or mail order.

So that is the latest, pretty amazing.

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