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Pushing Theatremonkey the book

November 10, 2009

I once read an unofficial biography of author James Herriot, in which the writer mused over the actions of any new author. He spoke of the disbelief when opening the package for the first time and the re-arranging of books on the shelf of bookstores. More recently, an author writing in the “Society of Authors” magazine wrote of obsessively checking Amazon rankings every hour. Oh how I laughed…

… until now…

So far I’ve avoided the hourly ranking thing (though have looked in on the page several times, admittedly). All was going well until yesterday, when I caught myself in a high street bookshop using their customer search computer to find out if the book was in stock, then walking away with the front cover left on display on screen – pausing only to shift the position of Mr P’s other books up a shelf or so on the way.

As previously blogged, though, it is about getting the message out there. I’ve just had a nice chat with someone from the Evening Standard newspaper, so there should be something in there tomorrow, so I’m told.

The old adage of “a copy signed is a copy sold” also applies. For those who ordered signed ones via Dress Circle, I’ll be sorting that one out tomorrow too. Be odd to use a pen after typing almost everything for so long…

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