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Spreading the theatremonkey book word

November 6, 2009

Oddly, it took me ages to realise that where my biggest contribution to the project ended, Mr P’s really cranked up. Stuck in the theatrical way of thinking, once the artistic stuff was done, for me that was it – move on. Of course, publishing doesn’t work the same way. It’s one thing to put the words together, even try and spot the errors; quite another to actually put it together and spend the cash to bring it to the marketplace.

And spreading the word has been interesting. Lucky for us, there’s been a good response to Mr P’s advance publicity, so keep an eye out in the newspapers… we hope. Even more interesting has been the response of the book trade, with several online retailers still doing fun things with the price.

The nice part for me, though, has been distributing copies to those who helped make the site what it is. There’s still rather a number for me to deliver – hope next week is dry for my wander around the West End. For those sent by the good old Prince Charles method (the Royal Mail, c’mon, keep up – it’s not that hard to work out); here’s a paradox. Why did it cost over £1 more to send a “Special Delivery” from London to Norfolk, than it does to send an airmail one to the USA? Even allowing for the special handling involved, surely the cost of at least two vans and 5000 miles of jet fuel has to be more than two vans and a few gallons of diesel. Go figure.

Being positive, though, hats off to the Charles brigade for delivering one London to Nottingham package in less than 20 hours after posting. Whatever the newspapers are saying, the British Postie still has plenty to be proud of.

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