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Theatremonkey the Book has Landed

November 5, 2009

Yes, it’s actually here, and I’ve just received my own copies courtesy of a rather tired but efficient chap from UPS. They promise “same day delivery” and are true to their word – despite starting at 9am it being 6.15pm, he still had 15 packages to go. Sometimes you are glad you are in a different job, and you have to admire his dedication.

 Anyway, first reaction on opening the carton? I’m buying shares in a packaging tape company. And then…

 … “Theatremonkey: A Guide to London’s West End” has sort of come out “Supermodel” shaped. It’s taller and thinner than I imagined, darkly inviting, and – huge relief for a book that depends on seating plans – the colours are strong throughout. Of course, before this, I’d seen computer generated mock-ups, but naturally nothing prepares a new author for the first sight of his book. Lucky for me, the first impressions were great.

So when does everybody else get a look? For those who have pre-ordered copies, Mr P will be loading his sleigh and harnessing the reindeer to drop them down your chimneys very soon… er no, wait, I’m getting him confused with someone else… Ah, yes, no, that’s right… What I mean is that Mr P’s warehouse now has the stock, and is in the process of sending it out to retailers everywhere. This means that your retailer will have them very soon, and hopefully your copies will arrive quickly after that.

 For those who want a further sneak preview of the book’s style (or simply can’t decide whether to invest in a copy); the access information that Blad couldn’t squeeze in is available to download online now. Take a look here.

 In other news, Ambassador Theatre Group have just bought the Apollo Victoria and Lyceum Theatres in London, plus 15 regional theatres for £90m. Oh, and the TKTS Booth in Leicester Square will now open from 11am to 4pm on a Sunday. Two bits for the second edition, I guess…

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