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The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Monkey

October 29, 2009

according to Mr P today…

Apparently at this very moment a truck somewhere in the Alps is shifting four tonnes of chocolate, three tonnes of greyere  groyaire groyer Emmental cheese, two tonnes of finished theatremonkey books and a cuckoo clock for a battery* towards Mr P’s UK Warehouse / Backstreet Lockup / Garden Shed.

So, not long now. Mr P has also apparently cranked up the publicity machine and has said something about me not taking a holiday for the next few weeks. As an earlier blog entry noted, there are vast differences between the worlds of publishing and West End theatre. These include the latter world not even thinking of taking a vacation during the height of the autumn season, book out or no book out…

Either way, the press apparently are being primed to expect copies once the choc has been unloaded and the engine compartment steam-cleaned. I’m supposedly ready to answer questions as required (?!) and the next few weeks are looking, well, interesting.



*See what I did there? Made it all fit the “12 Days Of Christmas” rhyme. Of course, no actual Cuckoo Clocks are trapped anywhere in the engine, nor were harmed during the making of this blog entry.

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