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Funny reaction

October 26, 2009

to the news about Andrew Lloyd Webber. I’ve never met him, though have seen him a few times – most recently at the press launch of “Love Never Dies” where he seemed relaxed and displayed the timing of a half decent comedian too. Like I said, I don’t know him, and have no real reason to feel anything but the natural sympathy anyone’d feel towards someone with a gland on the fritz.

Then it occurred to me that Theatremonkey would probably not exist without him. Not just the fact “Joseph” hooked me on musical theatre like it did every other kid my age in the 70s. Nor that “Cats” showed me where theatre could go, given enough imagination.

It is simply that he was one of the very few who ensured London Theatre survived and grew in the 80s, and continues to exert positive influence still. The London Palladium, Drury Lane et all are probably worth more as office and apartment blocks, and would become them if it wasn’t for his stewardship. Just as important, his name alone is pretty much synonymous with the West End I know and love – and is capable of spreading its magic to conjure much needed audiences from around the world.

So, irradiate him, try a re-bore and oil-change or even hold his alt-shift-delete keys before waiting 30 seconds and re-booting him in safe mode. Theatre just wouldn’t be the same without him – and besides, I don’t have time to write refund cheques to all my friends with whom I’m seeing “Love Never Dies” next year; and whose tickets have already been paid for.

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