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Pro or Am?

October 20, 2009

“The Rise and Fall Of Little Voice” hits the West End with an “X-Factor 2008” contestant in the title role. Her training was undertaken at the school of “St Simon The Waistband,” her accession to the role of LV all the more remarkable for coming from there rather than the traditional three years and three million pound debt at Central, Mountview or Rose Bruford.

That, for me, is a reminder of what the theatre industry is really about – or should be. Everybody needs a solid foundation, whether spread over years or just the autumn TV season – and then it is up to luck and breaks. Ability is vital, but there has to be something else. Question is, does the book have that… hope so!

Oh, and first real trailer for the book today, on What’

I may even buy a copy.

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