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Snails and Rockets

October 16, 2009

16th October. Not a particularly memorable date, unlike the 17th, which is the birthday of three theatrical greats – Arthur Miller (who also gave nerds everywhere hope marrying Marilyn); Cameron Mackintosh, and Peter Stringfellow. O.K, so I was joking about Cameron.

No, what made 16th October 2008 memorable was that it was the day I finally finished the first draft of the book. The original seating plans were created and checked over two weeks of May 2008, the first “advice” section done in three weeks during August, and then the rest in an intense 6 week spurt from early September until the memorable 16th and the final full stop at the end of the thank-you credits.

As I recall, the conclusion of typing was celebrated in my usual style – a bottle of Coca-Cola and a Fry’s Orange Cream. For those who wonder, yes, I’m lucky enough to live near one of the few stockists – one of his best selling lines, apparently, with other addicts coming from miles around.

The question of course was, had I known there would then be another 6 week revision period, then three one month further “tightening” and a final and seemingly endless round of “polishing,” would I have celebrated so hard…? Answer, yes, for two reasons. 1) I didn’t think I could actually write a book anyway and 2) Any excuse for a bar of Fry’s and a Coke…

So where do rockets come into this? Just that I’m getting pig sick of imported “Halloween” festivities driving out our own November 5th. Thanks to ‘elf and safety, another age old tradition bites the dust as a few plastic masks are a cheaper alternative. Guy, where are you now that you are needed?

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