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Monkey greetings

October 13, 2009

First off, welcome to those guests surfing in from the main website. Glad you found the link and, if you scroll down a bit you’ll get an exclusive sneekee peek at two actual pages from the book.

By the way, for those who are wondering, the paper version has now left the printing press and is in the assembly stage. Hoards of trained book builders are, as we speak, making busy with the glue pots and squabbling over who’s walked off with the pile of page 96s.

Any road, back to the pushing, and here’s the latest oddity: a copy will be finding its way to the Monkey Museum in South Africa in time for the 2010 windbag kicking competition. Monkeyland,, is a sanctuary dedicated to the plight of monkeys in their homeland. They are currently assembling a display of monkey memorabilia of all types, and asked for a contribution. Well, do remember, they were the ones asking!

So, any reader who happens to be in the Plettenberg Bay area in 2010, let me know if it’s actually on display – I’ll be really curious to find out.

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