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If you see Sid, tell him.

October 3, 2009

Those of a certain age will remember this slogan. A reminder to the Tory faithful that the Gas Board was for sale at knock-down prices while stocks lasted.

Selling a book is pretty similar, but on a smaller budget. Amazon have decided that Theatremonkey is a good thing. We made an impact on their chart before a page has been despatched, and they’ve adjusted the selling price accordingly, to corner the market. As with British Gas, it is while stocks last, so click now.

Telling the wider world is more difficult. A friend in PR feels we are doing the right thing, while another has offered us flyer space in her venue – should we print any. The question is, with 100,000 books published this year alone, how to make yours stand out from the rest?

I’ve just finished reading a book on Michael O’Leary and how he built Ryanair on the back of cost control and unspeakable publicity stunts. The man is an inspiration. Mr P has already ironed the gorilla outfit (last used when he fancied a night on the pull near Woburn Safari Park, allegedly). Maybe it is worthwhile for you to watch this space…

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