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A bit like you-know-what, really…

September 30, 2009

Well, it is. Convivial restaurant encounter leads to negotiating terms leads to endless deep and meaningless conversations during which the whole thing takes on a life of it’s own and you realise that you are speaking a language which has become mutually exclusive to the partnership.

So you move on to the endless creative shuffling of positions, shifting around and becoming used to a new way of doing things – each week getting more and more serious. There’s give and take on both sides until, finally, after months of work things hit a peak and are, well, over far more quickly than you expect.

That happened today. It really is over. Manuscript is gone, and I’ll never see it again… until it emerges from the chrysalis in book format in a very few weeks time.

Odd fact for those like me who know nothing about publishing: to actually print a whole shelf-load of books apparently takes only an hour. Binding takes a bit longer, but it really is quicker than anyone might expect. This also explains the huge number of unemployed monks these days…

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