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September 25, 2009

If publishing were theatre, this period would be “technical rehearsals.” Endless things to sort out – and nothing the author can do except trust that everybody else knows what they are doing.

Already we’ve found something interesting. BLAD tells Mr P that all the carefully collected “accessibility information” would look better as a download than squeezed into nearly 10% of the entire book. Considering “theatremonkey: A Guide” is the first book to review the view from a wheelchair users’ perspective in print, it is no wonder BLAD balked slightly at the rest. So a download it will be. Isn’t fusion of technology great… and wouldn’t it have changed literature had it been available earlier? “Please Sir, Can I have Some More?” “Mooooreeee?” “OK, Suit yourself, I’ll visit”

Reaction to the first page (in the last post below) has been encouraging. The best of these cheered a nervous Mr P and Mr T with:

‘It looks superb – I suspect I will be buying a small closet full to give to arty overseas guests when they arrive.
“Here you go – Oyster card, A-Z and Theatremonkey, go have fun and get out of my hair…”‘

We could even use  it as an advertising line. It beat our original idea of “Why monkey around choosing theatre tickets, when a theatremonkey can do it for you” anyway.

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