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First Peeks…

September 22, 2009

Sample Theatremonkey pages

Yes, the wraps are off. This is indeed the very first extract of the book, exactly as it will appear on the page.  How it gets there is another matter.

First, it’s written, of course. And it starts out at 800 carefully cobbled together words – mostly quotes from readers, with a bit of text between – going for that “Zagats” look. After six weeks work, it isn’t right. So, try again. New style, fewer quotes, more comedy…

That’s OK, but the typos made in the heat of composing need combing out. Then an editor reads it and “doesn’t get” some of it. And if the editor “doesn’t get” it, other readers probably won’t either. And the odd sentence is just too clumsy. Thus 800 becomes a sharper 750.

Then the text meets BLAD. Who’s Blad? BLAD is what you see above. Book Layout and Design. Or, to put it another way, can we get 750 words onto the page and make it look nice?

No, we can’t. So Editor trims it to 648 words. Author realises that in fact, it still reads pretty well. BLAD takes another look and sighs. So does author. Author trims a few lines as Editor sensibly prefers a tropical beach. BLAD says yes and we all move on. One page down, 159 to go…

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