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D Day Minus One Hour

September 18, 2009

Sometimes you find yourself doing stuff you never thought you would. Leaving the safety of the tree and entering a bookstore for one. Actually writing a blog is another. For me, blogs fall into three catagories. Those that give a much needed mention (yay and thanks, guys – you’re the best), the very few that are actually worth reading (West End Whingers, Petite Anglaise), and the rest which start “Day 1: Hi, this is my blog” and then decends into self analysis before expiring on day 5.

This is type 1, except I’m writing it. For how long is anybody’s guess, but it should prove interesting for anyone who wants to know exactly what writing a book does to a previously harmless theatremonkey.

So. Yes. D Day minus 1 hour. On the phone to the publisher as he scratches around for press release material. When we have a quote, all we have to do is tell er, everybody. The operation has been minutes in the planning. Press contacts lists drawn up, online shops tipped off to take advance orders (place yours now!) and an email for those who are already site readers and hopefully will follow us on the page.

It’s all sitting in the machine now and all I have to do is press “send” to reveal to the world exactly what has been cooking in the garden shed since before the daffodils appeared in April 2008… Do I dare…

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